Woodworking Suit
Woodworking Suit
Woodworking Suit
Woodworking Suit
Woodworking Suit
Woodworking Suit
Woodworking Suit
Woodworking Suit

Woodworking Suit

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This tool is sacred and has been around for hundreds of years. Nothing can smooth, shape and straighten a piece of wood like a hand plane. Whether it's lifting a sticky wooden door or smoothing the surface of a corrugated board, this ingenious tool is the ANSWER.
Best of all, it's compact, and it runs with your muscles. you don't need batteries, no electricity and no mg belts, just take it out of your tool belt and get to work on your woodworking roj ects

This is an improved version of the conventional inclined plane. It has a thicker metal and ABS frame, which is light but strong. Carbon steel blades can trim and smooth almost any piece of wood. And the depth adjustment knob. This manual airplane brings speed, convenience and high precision to your DY woodworking projects.

Durable: the tool is made of ABS, which is a kind of environmental protection material with good compressive strength. High quality steel blade won't let you down - it's sharp, wear-resistant, heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant.
Ingenious design: grooved design is very ergonomic. It's comfortable in hand and minimizes the workload with efficiency and ease of operation.
Easy to maintain: you can assemble and disassemble in seconds. It's specially designed so you can change or sharpen the blade at any time.
Adjustable size: the blade is flat, can cut 45 bevel, and the tool has a knob, you can adjust the depth according to your project. The blades are also interchangeable.


  • Material: P20 Steel, Aluminum Alloy
  • Color:Black
  • Size: 6.08*1.97*0.79inches(154.5*50*20mm)


  • Saker Chamfer Plane:1*Saker Woodworking Planer+1*1/4 round cutter head
  • Saker Chamfer Plane+6*Cutter Head:1*Saker Woodworking Planer + 1*1/4 Round cutter head + 1*45° Flat blade + 1*3/16 Round cutter head + 1*1/8 Round cutter head + 1*Double round cutter head + 1*Sharp-corner cutter head+1*round-corner cutter head + 1*Double-pointed cutter head


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